Sunday, 22nd of September with 17 notes
film   35mm   canon   colorado   mountains   snow   winter   loveland pass   blue   sky  
Sunday, 22nd of September with 6 notes
sea   mountain   blue   fog   film   canon   AE1   reed   people   28mm   f2.8   fresh   old   camera   mizulys   photography   sky   water  
Sunday, 22nd of September with 1 note
analog   film   grain   canon1000N   paradies400   summer   sea   blue   clod   sky   rock   beach   water   people   woman   girl   italy   holiday   journey   voyage   cold   nature  
Monday, 26th of August with 2 notes
blue   water   ocean   sea   tattoo   dress   floral   film   analog  
Wednesday, 16th of January with 3 notes
landscape   sea   ocean   blue  
Monday, 24th of December with 110 notes
portrait   water   sea   ocean   blue  
Sunday, 23rd of December with 26 notes
Siamese   cat   blue   eyes   fluffy   film   pentax   k1000   35mm   analogue   50mm   f/1.8  
Wednesday, 28th of November with 8 notes
film   ocean   sea   blue   beach   people  
Tuesday, 31st of July with 8 notes
ocean   sea   blue   landscape  
Friday, 20th of April with 258 notes
art   digital   macro   blue   eye   street   reflection   lash   eyelash   girl   face   iris   pupil   portrait